Our mission is to introduce artisanal &
nature-inspired artefacts to your living spaces.

Our new collection features hand-made planters which bring nature home and are vessels for botanical expression. With the use of sustainable manufacturing techniques, natural tones and the hand-crafted objects we aim to create vessels and objects that can merge and be absorbed back into nature.

We aim to be botanically biased.


Through a creative infusion of natural forms & textures,

these designs would bring a calm energy to your environment.


Our sculptural planters have been designed with their origin in mind, almost like they were naturally formed across various landscapes. As rivers bend, as seas envelop the shores and flowing water shapes rocks, these designs were inspired by nature’s lush energy.

Hand-crafted with clay and natural oxide glazes, which merges natural tones into the stoneware body —to emerge as a rarefied connection enclosed by the earth.